Friday, 1 March 2013

Session catch up!!

So Say We  - who sat round the table on the 28th February in the SECC

H folks, here is a wee session catch up. Sorry for radio silence, but our wee group is changing track as of April. Meanwhile, now in March, we will have opportunity to finish reading the Dare to Care book each in their own time, meet Louis in the middle of the month, and sum up the core elements of Circle Council Practice.

The Thursday morning timing has been very difficult for all of us to keep up with, and it de facto excluded some people.
At the end of the month we will be clearer as to where and when we would like to take our initiative further. It has never been so obvious as now, in these dire times of socalled welfare reform, lack of meaningful work opportunities, and above all lack of knowledge and time as to how to address the multiple complex interconnected causes and effects of an economy in tatters, that we all need to stand tall and walk side by side, heal many a divide, and make the shift from consumer society to cocreater communities.

And it is happening, folks!!!

Some of us have been able to attend yesterdays event in the SECC, The Thinking Together Assembly, with SosayScotland
See this wee video clip of the last moments of the intensive day there (filming the final photo shoot with maybe a third or forth of the people who came to think together):

One of us could attend as well as in the University of the West of Scotland the seminar on the Anthill Process of the Iceland People Assembly ; organised by Stephen Elstub, Senior Lecturer Politics  and presented by Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson, The Anthill Iceland

More reflections and followups of both days still to follow. Watch this space!

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